Buy a Shirt and Support the Fighting Game Community

So we’ve got this shirt for sale. And we’re going to give a big chunk of the profit back to the Fighting Game Community (FGC). Tell us how we should spend it.

How should we help the FGC with profits from this shirt?

  • Boost a tournament payout (30%)
  • Sponsor a player (28%)
  • Donate it to a charity (23%)
  • Give it to a streamer/content creator (19%)

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UPDATE as of July 16th! The votes have been cast and the poll is closed! Funds being raised will go to the Norcal Strongstyle Tournament!

And, even though we hit our goal of 100 shirts, we still have 27 hours to go. The more you order before the timer ends, the more will go to the event!

Keep the FGC love coming by ordering your shirt right now.