On June 26th, 2014, a fan sends MarkMan (Mark Julio from MadCatz) an “interesting” message. That same morning, Plague (Talis Baltgalvis from A Graphic Advantage!) sees Mark’s post about it.


At 8:28 in the morning, a conversation starts…

Talis: If it’s cool with you, and you want to split profits, I’d like to try a Teespring of “Your behave is just fuck.”

Mark: Haha I’m fine with that. Maybe something like mark mark mark, your behave is just f#ck.

Talis: OK. That will work better. I’ll design it today.

Mark: Whatever I make from it, I’d like to donate back to the community.

Later that day, Talis shows Mark a design. Mark refines it. And, at 4:42 pm, a shirt is for sale.


Ten sold in the first hour. Forty-eight went in the next two days.


This first success came from an extraordinary collection of positive coincidences. It gave us the idea that we could do more. Keep an eye on this site for more apparel and polls. We figure that giving back to the community that makes the Your Behave brand viable is a win-win way to do business. Can’t wait to see you wearing our stuff.